Research 2 – Mixing practice and some mastering

I’ve recently been working on a mix which I took from Cambridge Music Technology, which is another song from the band Street Noise. The first thing I did was mute every single track and gradually set the level and bring in each individual track. I tried to get a rough idea whereabouts each track should be sitting in the mix but knew I’d have to make small adjustments after applying some EQ and various other plugins. I also experimented with a plug in called A1StereoControl on this mix, which enables you to play around with the stereo image of individual tracks. It also has a feature called safe bass, which ensures any frequency you’ve set as the threshold is central. I’ve applied this plugin on a few different tracks to hopefully keeps things a little cleaner sounding. I used the sound on sound frequency sheet as a reference for my eq, as well as this website which I often go back to for when I eq my drums.


On the master track I applied multiple plugins, all of which are ones which come free with Reaper. I added some subtle compression, put a high pass at around 40hz, small boosts at 10hz and 3.5khz. I also used a multiband compressor and a limiter to boost the overall amplitude of the mix.


Here is the mix:


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